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Mercurial shelve extension download


Mercurial shelve extension

This extension is distributed with Mercurial and later. If you are using an earlier version of Mercurial, see ThirdPartyShelveExtension. Shelve Extension. /!\ Mercurial and later include a different. Use the 'record' extension to interactively select hunks for a shelf do some work hg shelve patch1 fix a bug hg ci -m "fixed bug" hg unshelve.

The Shelve extension of Mercurial is useful to temporarily store away your uncommitted changes and then restore them back. For example, if. hg shelve -l -p [name of shelf]. To get the shelves list one could use hg shelve -l. This post will cover how to install Shelve extension and then use this feature to move some uncommitted changes into a different branch.

Yesterday I was lazy enough to look up the Shelve Extension which comes bundled now with the release of Mercurial. The idea is fairly. The shelve tool can move changes between the working directory and shelf patches. If the MQ extension has been enabled, it can also move changes into and. This is with the stock , embedded Mercurial, embedded Shelve extension. Have you enabled any other extensions in Preferences.